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Monday, June 27, 2011

Still stitching along

It has been a crazy weekend!  I have not been feeling well, but as soon as I felt like sitting up I started stitching again on my Hummingbird Garden.  My dad did make me another set of scroll rods for my Chinese Garden (thanks daddy!), but after I attached the fabric to the rods I was unhappy with my ironing, lol!  I need to go back and iron again before I start stitching.

I finished stitching the border on my Hummingbird Garden, so now I just have the specialty stitches in the border and the flowers along the border to stitch.  I am moving along and am really happy with how fast it is going now!  Here are pics of the top and the bottom, and then one just draped over the scroll rods, because the baby isn't coming off until I am done!! ( It is stitched on the rods so it really isn't getting cut off yet, lol)


Ineke said...

You made a lot of progress on this gorgeous piece! So close to a finish: keep stitching.
It is great your dad made some scroll rods for Chinese Garden.

wendy111 said...

Hi, you are just progressing so quickly with this one, and it just gets more and more gorgeous as it grows. Happy stitching

Andie said...

So beautiful! Your threads and fabric are working beautifully together :D Hope you are feeling better soon!

Joysze said...

So beautiful, Liss!!! I can't wait to see the next update. :D I'm the same way about the scroll frame too, which is why parts of the stitched project is always hidden.

Oooooooh, CG!!!! Re-iron the fabbie already. ;)

Rachel said...

This is so beautiful!! I love your fabric! My DH wants me to stitch it for him because he loves hummingbirds!!

I don't normally use scroll frames, but with Chinese Garden I need to! It is not coming off until it's done!! :)