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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did you see the Butterfly Garden?

Jumping for joy (only inside because I am too exhausted to try to really do it, lol) with the upcoming companion to my Hummingbird Garden the new Butterfly Garden found here.  This is going to be awesome!!!  I am hoping Martina will put it up this week that way the piggyback savings will apply, but either way I will have to join this group and stitch it!!  I can't wait for her to reveal more, and I am so hoping for more flowers in the center.

I will hopefully post some pics soon, and I am hoping I will feel good enough to cross stitch a little tonight on my Chinese Garden since I only slept a couple of hours.  I know I should stick with my Hummingbird and finish it, but I don't want to be so far behind on my Chinese that I feel rushed to catch up.  Plus Herbularius is coming out in August and I would like to start that one and actually keep with the group for once.  Hummingbird will get worked on this weekend, I won't stop on it, just a little slow down.

My July Goals are:
  • Finish the stitching in the Border of Hummingbird OR stitch the entire top half of the Border along with the flowers for the top half.
  • Try to Finish Part 1 of Chinese Garden.
  • Make a start on the Lily Flower Panel if I receive the kit this month.

1 comment:

Joysze said...

Yup.... I saw Butterfly and thought, "damn it!!! Not another gorgeous one!!" LOL!!!!

Hope you're feeling better and will get more sleep tonight. I have to say, don't worry about CG too much... once you're done with Pt. 1, Pts. 2-4 are pretty easy at cruising speed.