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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chinese Garden Update

Here is my update for Chinese Garden.  I worked all weekend and basically finished the walls, except for one stitch on the Partial Jessicas, I am missing the SNC 251 for the center stitch.  I ordered another one and it should be here this week.  I have not done the inside landscapes, but at least the rest is done!!  I am ready to get back to my Hummingbird Sparkly Garden so I want to finish at least two of the landscapes and start back on my Hummer.  I am starting to get burnt out on the Chinese, but that could be because I do not have much stitching left on Hummer.  I have the Castle J kit coming from ECC, but I will not start it yet (fingers stop trying to cross, lol)

I need to take another picture of my Hummingbird Sparkly Garden soon.  I was asked by Joyze to join Chatelaine Stitchers and I want to post a picture there.

Happy Stitching!!


Andrea said...

Oh wow! Fantastic! You are just flying along!!! Looking forward to your next Hummie update.... are you going to join the sister piece? The butterflies?

Joysze said...

Oh nice, Liss!!!! It's so awesome to see all 4 of the Moongates. :D I need to get to mine soon, I've been dragging my bum. :)

Yummmmmm, Hummies!!!!!

Rachel said...

It looks wonderful, Lissanne!! I love the walls, the specialty stitches are amazing :)

I am looking forward to seeing your Hummingbirds! (and so is my DH!!!)

wendy111 said...

Great progress LIssanne! I must get back to mine

mdgtjulie said...

It looks lovely Lissanne. Keep up the good work!! I can't wait to see your hummers too!

Karen said...

You've gotten great progress on Chinese!!! I am looking forward to your finish on Hummingbird, though - every time I see it on that great fabric, I am just blown away again :) Someday, if I manage to get that one, I might have to take your lead and find something very similar :)