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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fabric Picks for Chatelaines

I took some time to organize this weekend, so not much stitching was done.  I love to organize my supplies, but I really needed to set aside the fabrics I knew I already had a Chat for.  I am hoping that the pictures are going to be pretty true to life, we will see.

First up is my SW Oceantide in 28 ct Cashel Linen.  I love the color, it is close to a light aqua blue with more blue lines through it.  This is going to be used for my Konstantinople and for my Small Hamam Oasis.  I haven't started on Konstantinople yet, but hopefully soon I will at least start on the middle.  I just cut the yard this weekend and will be able to use this for both.
Next up is  PTP Zephyr on Lugana.  It is showing a little light, but it is gorgeous in real life!  I bought this for my Seasonal Fairies.  I may use it for all of them.

SW Summer Days Lugana is being saved for Holland Springtime Mandala.  It looks like clouds in the sky. I have yet to buy the PDF for this, but I will when I am closer to stitching it and when I buy the kit.
Here is my PTP Rosewood on 32 ct Lugana.  I just realized, which is why I went through my fabrics, that I will not use this on my Butterfly Garden.  If Martina has anywhere near the number of beads that she has on Hummingbird, I need 28 ct.  I am still thinking of using this on Herbularius.  I am not liking the yellow to much on it, but I will wait for a final decision whenever I get my kit.

Not halfway through, so hope I'm not boring you yet!!
SW Golden Promise in Cashel Linen is next.  This is not a color I picked, but I didn't know that I could pick all my colors each month for the Fabric of the Month Club.  I am now picking all that I want and switched over to Lugana for all my colors for Chats.  I do not enjoy the linen so much, I really prefer evenweaves.  I had thought about canceling the FOTM before I wrote to the president of SW when I had some problems then found out I could be signed up for the bigger sizes for Chats to fit on!  Since I am ordering Lugana, it is cheaper than what I used to pay for one scrapbooking kit a month!  I am saving this for my Egyptian Garden.
I ordered this PTP Willow in 32 ct Lugana for my Walled Wisteria Garden.  I was disappointed that it came yellow as I thought it was going to be light green.  I figured I could use it on something, like a Mira.
PTP Highland Lugana 28 ct is what I decided to use for my WWG, but when I measured I figured out it would not fit.  But since I am doing others now I will probably reorder at some point for a 32 ct.  The lugana is totally different and so much lighter than I would imagine, but it is a good background color.
Three more!
This is SW Opal Blue Mystery on Cashel that is saved for Evening in the Park.  This is one of the first I bought, I just have never started or opened the kit yet.
The lovely SW Ametrine on 28 ct Lugana.  I have an Ametrine on Linen for my Mira I started, and no matter what fabric it is on, Ametrine is one of my favorites.  They are so different, but I really love the colors.  In the end I may still stitch Herbularius on this.  I could see using this fabric for all four in the series.
Here is the last fabric I took pictures of.  I still don't know what I will use if for, maybe the Fairy Flower Garden.  It is SW Opal Rainbow Sparkle in Cashel Linen.  This was new when I requested it, the colors are so beautiful.  I am used to not many colors on one fabric from the places I order from, so I was surprised that it had so many colors.
Welp, hope you haven't been bored.  I took a little break from stitching to organize, so the next posts will be stitching updates, but it probably won't be until next weekend.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely selection of fabrics! I tend to buy mine as I go but a FOTM club is very tempting....

Andrea said...

Oooo love the fabbies :D What size do you normally get for your Chats? I don't normally pre buy for them cause they are so big!

Karen said...

WOW, you've got some great colors!!! I figured out the SW Wishlist after about 8 months of the Surprise me - but I've used a LOT of those, too - I just love their fabrics. I do miss them having Jobelan - I love jobelan for my Chats; but since SW went under Zweigart, they just don't offer it anymore, since it's a Wichelt fabric (or there wasn't enough call for it, maybe?). My Ametrine linen is a LOT darker than your evenweave - but you're right, it's gorgeous whatever fabric it is...

I think I'll have you pick my next Chatelaine fabric - your choices are spot on - and more imaginative than mine seem to be! You start all of those - and then I won't be so tempted to start my 3 that are ready & waiting :)

Joysze said...

Gorgeous fabbies, Liss. :D The Opal blue is gorgeous!

wendy111 said...

Love your fabric stash - you have some lovely fabrics.

mdgtjulie said...

Beautiful fabbies, LissAnne. Great colors for your Chats. I'm planning on doing mine on hand dyed fabbies too, but I haven't picked colors yet. Glad you got all organized. It's fun to organize stitchy stuff!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Gorgeous pieces of fabric!!!!