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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Herbularius Pic

So, I finished the Purple Night Sky on Part 1 and here is the updated picture.  I didn't have much left so I thought that I would stitch a lot more today, but I can't seem to get rid of a headache I have had since yesterday.  It's most likely just the weather, so hopefully it will let up soon.  Sorry the picture is a little dark.  The flash didn't come on cause I had my new Ott lite shining down on it.  The light seems to help me a lot, but it flickers some and that bothers my eyes.  At some point I think I need to buy an external flash for my camera which I think that will help my pictures.  Hopefully I will have more pictures posting this weekend.


Mouse said...

ooooooo lovely :)... your are making great progress on this one ....... have you tried taking the photos in natural daylight .... I find when I take at night I don't get as good as a picture as I want and have to take again DOH !!! love mouse xxxxx

Kate said...

If you have been stitching a lot, maybe the flickering light is causing the headaches? I hope that you feel much better today and it is looking great :)

Andrea said...

Herbie looks awesome *hugs* hope the headache goes away! I'm thinking its probably caused by the flickering light too

Karen said...

Beautiful - I love Purple Night Sky :) I hope the headache is gone - between the barometer going up & down and whatever grass is in the air here, I've had one, too, for days...

Lonneke said...

Beautiful. I love the colors and shape. And your stitching is very neat.
I hope your feeling better.

mdgtjulie said...

I hope your headache goes away soon, and the external flash you want isn't too expensive. Your piccy looks gorgeous to me. I love the colors in Herb. It's beautiful!!!

Veronica said...

Lovely progress. I hope you're feeling better. Headaches sure are a nuisance.