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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals

Let's see.  September Goals.  Ugg, I will not even revisit the August Goals so on to September:
  • Finish all the portholes on Chinese Garden.  Do some backstitching in the center!!
  • Finish Part 1 on Herbularius.  Start on Part 2.
  • Stitch something on Hummingbird Garden!  Try to do the side borders with flowers.
  • Start Lily if the Kit ever arrives, uggghhh I want my kit.
I had such big plans for stitching this weekend.   My Birthday is tomorrow, so I hoped that I would just spend the weekend stitching away.  Well, Mr. Sorca must have had other plans like I should just lay around with him all weekend.  Yesterday I leaned over him and he jumped up fast and rammed me up under my head and slammed my whole body upward.  I can't believe how much pain I am in.  Of course, it was his entire strength and weight that forced my head then neck up.  If you know Boxers, he is pretty full of muscle strength.  Everything hurts now, neck, arms, back, even my legs.  Geez, my boy packs a punch.  This happened without him meaning too.  Thank gosh he is so protective of me.  I guess I never have to worry about someone else hurting me when he's around (which is all the time) cause he will get 'em, lol!!


Ineke said...

I am sorry you have so much pain after the crash with Mr. Sorca. I hope you feel better soon. Happy birthday tomorrow!

valerie said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your run-in with Sorca! Ouch! Happy birthday tomorrow...hope it's a great one!

Pauline said...

Succes with all your plans and goals!!

Topcho said...

Happy early birthday! Wish you lots of stitching happiness, lol! And I hope you feel better soon!

Joysze said...

*wince* Ouch!!!! :( Feel better. *hugs*

Happy Be-earlied Birthday!!!!! :D

Charbs and the Bumpy Dog said...

Oh I now exactly how much that hurts. I have two gordon setters who believe they need to live their entire lives at chest hight. After a number of idential accidents and a few black eyes and front teeth through lips incidents I'm very very carefull when I lean over them. I hope you feel much better soon xxxxx

I don't think August was a great month for goals, no-one seems to have finished all their August Goals LOL.

mdgtjulie said...

Yep, Boxers are really strong!! I'll be babysitting my brother's dog tonight, and I'll hopefully avoid the same!!! He's five years old and strong as an ox! I hope you have a happy birthday today, LissAnne. Enjoy your stitching time!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm reading this "tomorrow" so it's your Birthday today! Happy Birthday, it's mine soon, all the best people are Virgoes.