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Friday, August 13, 2010

My STSB Swap Goodies from Amanda

Guess what I just received from the mail lady!! I received my Box of Goodies from Amanda!! It has been so great getting to know her, and I loved shopping for her!! I just hope she loves her goodies as much as I did!!  Here are the pictures from the list of days.  We bought according to hints given to us for thirty days.  

Here is the box as I opened it.

Day 1 is Light-Medium-Dark  one of each
I love ribbon, and I love Pink!!

Day 2 is A step back in Time
I love Graphic 45 Paper and can't wait to try this!!

Day 3 is Distressing
Amanda sent me some Vanilla Bath Powder!! Mmmm love the smell of vanilla.

Day 4 is An Altered Item  Amanda made 2 items!!
This is the cutest thing!! She made me a leash holder for Sorca!!  Of course it is brown so it matches him, lol!!
Amanda also made me a magnetic calendar!! I can't wait to put this up for next year!!

Day 5 is I want to try __________
What a great tool to distress with!

Day 6 is Antique
Love these little Dog Bone Clips!!

Day 7 is Americana
These are so rustic and I love rustic!

Day 8 is 2 sprays
Got some Glimmer Mist, and these are two I don't have!!

Day 9 is Pretty in Pink
I so wanted to try this i-rock!!  

Day 10 is Hand over the chocolate
These melted, but I have them in the fridge to save them!!

Day 11 is Surprise!!
I have been wanting to get this cartridge!!

Day 12 is Say it in Pearls
I have been really wanting to try these!!!

Day 13 is Somewhere over the Rainbow
Love Coordination Cardstock!!

Day 14 is Rainy Days
Love ColorBox Ink, and I always use it up!!

Day 15 is if it's not worth Inking, it's not worth doing
Vintage Tea Dye!

Day 16 is Crocheted Lace
Love to add lace to my layouts, and I love to color it with Dye!!

Day 17 is Flowers

Day 18 is Layout with all the trimmings
Some beautiful paper with trimmings!!

Day 19 is Lock it Up!
Love Keys!!

Day 20 is Contain it
Magnetic containers, I have always wanted to try these.

Day 21 is Sis's Fav Stamps
Look - Butterflies, flowers, and flourishes - just what I love in stamps!!

Day 22 is A book or Magazine
Can't wait to look at this!

Day 23 is Time
Love this!

Day 24 is Canvas
When I opened this I about fell on the floor!! Thanks so much Amanda!! It is my name and flourishes painted on a canvas bag!!

Day 25 is a Punch
So excited for this as I do not have many corner punches!!

Day 26 is Something NEW for sis to try
I have been really wanting to try this!! Thanks so much!!

Day 27 is DONE in pretty colors
This is awesome!! I have never seen this, can't wait to use it!!

Day 28 is Something in a Jar

Day 29 is I would love_____!
This is going to be fun to alter!

And Day 30 is A different beat
Quilling!! I hope I can make some flowers!!

This has been such a great swap, and I just hope that Amanda feels the same!!  Check out her blog at

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