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Sunday, August 29, 2010

There probably will not be anything new for awhile since I will not be scrappin' for a while or joining any more swaps.  Evidently my body is not getting rid of toxins (only took seven years to figure it out) and my immune system is attacking everything I try to take.  I took some vitamins and was sick for four days.  Now I am instructed to take 1/10 of a pill to make sure I don't get sick.  I am soon going to be taking antibiotics to kill off something that is not allowing me to eliminate toxins, so I am going to be sicker before I get better.  On top of all that, evidently my tests also showed major chemical sensitivities because my body is hanging on to everything so it is going in overload.  All I could do was shake my head and cry, just hearing that I could become sicker even to try to get better.  But I am going to do it because I am tired of feeling so bad everyday.  Hopefully I will feel good in a few months (Dr. is going to take it very slow since I am reacting like I am) and be able to start creating again.

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