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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hummingbird Sparkly Garden

Here are pictures of my Hummingbird Sparkly Garden designed by Martina  Rosenberg. I am stitching it on 28 count lugana Picture This Plus French Lilac. I love the color (it is a little lighter in real life) and it even looked like flowers on it before I started stitching. It is my first big stitch, and I am loving it.  It was hard at first, I was having trouble with the Gold laying flat, but I struggled through and love the look.  I started doing the beads and then stopped to do some stitching and have yet to go back.  The hummingbirds are beautiful, and it was the first time I did over one stitching!  I did change up the purple in the beak of one since the purple was too close to the fabric color. I am now on the lace and hoping to finish in the next couple of months so I will be ready for Herbularius starting in August.


Ineke said...

WOW! This is so beautiful!!
I have the kit waiting, but have to finish at least one big piece before I allow myself to start. But these pictures are very tempting!

wendy111 said...

I saw your WIP on the bulletin board and came to have a look at all your piccies. You are doing a wonderful job and I love seeing it on the purple as mine is on purple too but darker than yours. Mine is suffering in the progress department as my main chatelaine focus is Baroque.

I like your blog background too - looks just like mine! The birds are so pretty.

Look forward to see more