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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I took a break yesterday from working on my Hummingbird, but I did finish the lace on page 1 and have started on the border.  I was torn about whether or not to keep going around and finish the lace but wanted a little break from it.

Today I have started using my app Fabric Stash XL.  I bought too many hand dyed fabrics and need to try to remember what they look like to make sure I don't purchase duplicates, as I tend to do with floss.  Yes, I did buy a great one for my DMC floss also, XFloss.  Now I can check and see what is in my stash before I purchase anything!  The Fabric Stash is excellent, I can keep track of what it is, linen or lugana, and the count of the fabric, among other items.  The best thing is that I can take two pictures of the fabric and see what it looks like and compare fabric for a project!  Well, back to it, and this weekend I am aiming to finish another page of the lace.  Will post pictures soon!

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