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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chinese Garden on the Way!

I was billed for my Chinese Garden Kit this morning from ECC! OH man, what a dilemma.  Will I start that to try to play catch up with everyone else or keep on going on my Hummingbird and play catch up later??  What am I going to do??  What would you do, cause I really don't know!?!

I also joined a Chatelaine SAL group, and I don't know what I am going to stitch.  I have my Chinese coming, I have Konstantinople, and I have Wisteria Garden.  I was planning on doing one a week, but I have also considered adding in Pompeji Garden.  I thought it may be a nice break with all the reds in it.  My Konstantinople is mostly blue and I am planning to do it on Silkweaver Oceantide so I may be sick of doing blue after a while (at least until I start on the ocean one coming out in January ;)).  Wisteria Garden I may do on Hand Dyed Chai Teas that I have in my stash.  The Chinese is going to be on Antique White 28 ct something, can't remember what I asked for, lugana or jobelan.  I may just go ahead and order the PDF from ECC for the Pompeji and see what it entails. Off to ponder some more...


wendy111 said...

The joy of the dilemma of which Chatelaine! I would just say do whatever you want to do - they will all get done eventually (that is what I tell myself anyway when I just have to start a new one)

I am still on Part one of Chinese (the silks are gorgeous)
Enjoy your parcel

Joysze said...

Ooooooh, tempting tempting..... so many choices, so little time, hehehe. I'd keep going on Hummie... it's coming along so nicely. At the same time... CG *IS* coming out in parts.... pt. 1 is big, the rest are a few days' work... so you could potentially add that in.

LOL!! I"m no help am I?