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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help me, Please!...

I have got to learn to stop looking at the computer!! I am bad enough with the Chatelaines and getting them, but now I had to go and purchase a couple of HAEDs:  The Mermaid & the Unicorn, QS Spirit of Winter Faery, and Earth Angel.  I mean seriously, when do I think I am going to be able to actually stitch them with all the Chats I am going to start?  And I really don't know why I bought the Mermaid & the Unicorn, I mean I do not have fantasy things around, but it was sooooo beautiful.  Maybe I will have to start stitching the Mirabilia mermaids now!  I will have to figure out what to stitch these on, the best count and fabric for them.  I don't think I can do the tent stitch, so I will have to stitch full crosses.  I have read the instructions so many times for the tent and for some reason am not comprehending them.

I did finish stitching up my lace on my Hummingbird last night!! I will post pics after I stitch the specialty stitches and do the little border and two flowers.

I would love to put pics of my WIPS up, under another page or side, with the color fabric and design on it, but I am not sure how to do that.  I will have to ponder that.

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Joysze said...

Oh... Lissanne, I can't wait to see a pic of all the specialty stitches. :D I agree with you about tenting.... it just doesn't feel complete to me.

I'm sending you an email about the sidebar. :)