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Monday, June 20, 2011

Stitchin', Stitchin', Stitchin' IHSW

I have had the Rawhide theme song in my head all weekend, but I switched it to stitchin', lol.  I have not finished the lace yet, but the top, sides, and all corners have all been stitched.  The only part left is the very bottom middle, so I am hoping to finish it today and do the specialty stitches in it.  I will then move on to the outline with the two flowers then the border.   The only off thing I see with the border is even though the color is a rose gold, it just looks gold on my color fabric!  I can't wait to do all the specialty stitches in the border!

Oh, and I am still picking up my Chinese Garden package every time I walk by and give it a little shake, but I have not opened it yet!!

I have been so up in the air with Herbularius which is coming out in August, but I have decided to go ahead and stitch it.  Ma said that if I was planning on doing the others, I should do them all.  I put in a request for Ametrine from Silkweaver, but I am going with a backup from Picture this Plus.  I have had a time getting my fabric from Silkweaver the past few months and it actually making it to me.  I am loving the mottled look on the lugana I am stitching on now from PTP, so I am pretty confident that I will love the couple I am looking at to also possibly use for some big Chats.


Joysze said...

Lissanne, it looks fabulous!!!!

LOL!!! I can't believe you're able to resist opening your CG packet. ;) Does this mean you're going to start Herbularius before it?

Anne said...

Love the Hummingbird mandala!! All her designs are so amazing. I have yet to do a big one but will one day in the future! As for not opening the package, how can you resist to not open the package? I would've ripped it open!!

Lissanne said...

It's hard, I mean real hard not to open it, lol. But I am on a frenzy to get the lace done! And no, I will be starting it soon, real soon. I would like to do the Chinese garden along with Herbularius. I know it takes a while to get the kit, and I always buy the thread kit with the beads from ECC. The I have the small Hamam coming out I want to do also. Is there a limit that anyone can keep up with? LOL

Pauline said...

Your chinese garden looks amazing!
Great work!

Kim said...

How beautiful! I love how delicate this looks.

anojaa said...

Wow! It's so beautiful! I will look forward to watching your progress!
I'm a great fan of the chinese garden, can't wait that you start it. So I can vicariously stitch through you ;)

The Maiden said...

I always wanted to see this mandala come to life! Simply Stunning, especially on this fabric.