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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Signed up for Chinese Garden!!

I need to stay away from other stitcher's blogs, lol!! I wanted to sign up for the Chinese garden mandala when Martina first introduced it but held off. I have been watching WIPs trickling in and decided to jump in. The whole thing is not really my style but it has been calling to me. Maybe it is the phoenixes on all sides, maybe the bamboo (luv my bamboo), could be the intricate pictures, or just all the beautiful colors. It makes me think of changes and rising again, kind of like me. Whatever it is I am going to get the supplies and start stitching. I am going to see if I can buy 32 ct jobelan fabric from ECC with the kit (I have really wanted to try jobelan).

I wanted to start the Herbularius when it came out in August, but I am second guessing myself on it. I think it is great that there will be a series of four over the next four years, but I really just want to do the flower one which I think is the fourth one. I am seeing more designs I would rather stitch and I have only so much time so I need to pick and choose what is really speaking to me.

Did you see the new design idea from Martina?! I know I am going to stitch the Mystery XV 2012! I have plenty to keep me busy until Jan., but I do hope she shows us some teasers along the way.

I am going to work hard on my Hummingbirds this weekend unless I pull out Mini Mystery 2 so I could feel good about a finish. I'll post pics of whatever I stitch later in the weekend!

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