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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frogging Chinese Garden...

Geez, I really shouldn't have tried to start Chinese Garden with a migraine coming on! So I thought last night I would try to do a few more stitches, migraine was starting to recede, and UH OH, found I looked at a symbol wrong and put red clay in place of a red eye roll. I did end up frogging and then restitched the right color. Now my complaint is with Edmar 206. What is up with that thread?? It twists and turns and doesn't lay right because it is a intertwined thread. If there is a trick to stitching with this thread please, please let me know! The bad news for me is that there are two skeins, so there must be a lot more coming up than just the border! I am looking ahead and wondering if I am going to be able to pull this project off with all these new stitches. I have loved learning the stitches on hummingbird, so I am going to try to calm down and just read all the instructions carefully and do everything step by step.

Did anyone join more online classes from Martina since she is having a piggyback sale 10% off? Mum's the word for me, but I did join quite a few more. I can't start them all now, but a few I want to save and do like Spring Knotgarden. It was also a good chance to go ahead and join a few coming up like Herbularius and Hamam. I almost joined the Mystery for 2012, but it was just too far off for me to justify it. I did join in on Winter Watergarden, and I will have to look closely at it when I receive the confirmation to join the group, because I have not done blackwork before so I am a little intimidated by that. However, by the time I get around to stitching it I might be a master of it, lol.

Have a great day! I will update with pics when I stitch a little more!


Ineke said...

So sad you had to frog a lot of your Chinese garden.
The Edmar behaves better when you slide the thread through a damp cloth before stitching.

Joysze said...

I saw your title on my blogroll and my heart sank. I'm happy to see that it's now over and done with. Oh... I hate Edmar too. You can do this.... there are not too many new stitches and the directions are quite clear with each part. If you need clarifications, you have my email... I'll try and help. :)

Didn't buy anything from the 10% sale.... figured I can't get to anything now and the 10% isn't enough to justify just buying charts. :S (Can you tell I'm not a stasher? LOL!)