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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Stitching Updates!

I did not stitch much at all this weekend.  I found out that with a terrible migraine I just can't focus enough to even attempt to stitch.  I did reorganize all of my thread and reenter it into my app, last time I left out a few because thread was scattered throughout! First let me update my pic for my Hummingbird Garden.  I have completed some of the top, but I am afraid my DD15 is not going to last.

Next is my update of the Micro Mini 2.  The center over ones are finished and am now moving on to the over twos.

My last is TADA - I started on Chinese Garden!!  Then the migraine hit, but at least I have a few stitches in!!  It is on Antique White, 32 ct. Joblean.  It is crooked, but that is just me trying to achieve more natural sunlight to take the picture, but it didn't work to well.  


Pauline said...

I am sorry to hear about your migraine, it sounds awful!
hope you feel better now!
I love the colour of your fabric!

Karen said...

Wonderful progress, despite the migraine! I used to get them, too, but outgrew them about the time I had my 2nd child. Hope this week is migraine-free - I want to see more of your projects!

Ineke said...

I hope you feel much better now.
Your projects are lovely!

Joysze said...

SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! You started CG!!! And it looks beautiful. :D Don't you love those reds? :D

Sorry about your migraine. :( Has it gone away???? Don't eat any chocolates, or cheese, or red meats..... I wanna see more stitching. LOL!!! On a serious note, take good care. Migraines suck. :(

Hummie is looking amazing, as usual, and awesome start on MM2. :D

Mouse said...

ohhh gorgeous stitching ... sorry to hear about your migraine attack ... hope you are feeling better soon :) love mouse xxxx

Andie said...

Oh migraines are horrid! *hugs* Your stitching is beautiful as always! Love your Hummie and your new starts are fab!