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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Big, big sigh.
You know what's funny? I rarely visit the HAED store or the BB. I mean I have enough Chats I am doing. I visited again and they have a sale going on. The last time I popped over there they had a sale. I mean is the universe trying to tell me to buy something?? Well, I listened this time, lol. I looked through the charts and purchased the chart for Rainbow Girl II by Josephine Wall. I had bought Earth Angel but never started it. I read there's a lot of confetti in Wall's designs, uh oh I could be in trouble! I really wanted to buy Sadness of an Angel, and when I showed it to my ma she was like, uh I don't like that. It's not right showing that much, she's an angel! LOL!! I liked it but whatever. Maybe I need to come up with a rotation. I joined Love 4 Stitch Alongs, so I may have to pick up a Mira and a HAED during the times they stitch and keep on with my chats most of the rest of the time. It may take me 10 years to do the HAED this way, but I should get some projects done!


Joysze said...

You're so funny! :D I love Walls.... lots of confetti in them which is why I've never been tempted, but I love seeing WIPs of them. ;)

Pauline said...

Yes, a rotation is the best way to make your Haeds, because otherway they get you crazy!
I LOVE the patterns of Josephine Wall, and YES there is many confetti in it...sometimes it is hard to do, but they are so very, very beautiful!

Mouse said...

DOHHHH not another sale ... I am going to resist though honest I am ... rotation is much better to deal with them :) love mouse xxxx

Karen said...

My rotation worked really well for a couple of years - and then I abandoned it. But I am thinking, once I get a couple more things done, it'll be time to start up again....

Heather M. said...

I fall in love with so many designs when I visit the site! I just have to fight the temptation :) But...ohhhhh it's a sale!!! LOL

Anne said...

I've noticed the sale too, but am trying to hold myself back from buying anything until I have finished the projects I have at hand. Luckily, they tend to have a lot of sales so if we miss this one, they will have another!

mdgtjulie said...

Um, let me warn you now, HAEDs are addictive. You buy one, then another, and next thing you know, you have ten or fifteen. Grats on your newest acquisition!! Although, I think I would have gone for Sadness of an Angel. I like it better. I have a rotation, and I love it. It's like a new start every two weeks, even though it's not a new start.

The Maiden said...

I was in the same boat, then I found tent stitching! Rotations are nice, I like having a HAED and a non-HAED going at the same time. Good Luck!