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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two New Starts for IHSW

I started on two new designs this weekend!! The first was a HAED!! Yep, my first HAED! I stitched a basic grid, just to make sure I didn't run too much off course, lol!  This is Selena Fenech's QS Hold on To Hope.  This is smaller so I figured it would be a good beginner HAED to make sure that I will be able to stitch a bigger one.  I have started on the first dragonfly.  It is stitched on 25 ct jobelan.
I also started Martina Rosenberg's Herbularius!! I finally made up my mind and started stitching it on 28 ct SW Ametrine.  I figured this would match the rest of the series, that way I can group them together on the wall.  I did not like the PTP Rosewood with the yellows that Martina listed in the Materials List.  Now I better go ahead and order three more Ametrine 1/2 yds so the fabrics will at least match!  Here is my first picture of the very center, I hope to stitch more today.  There is a lot of beading in the center, so now I have to decide if I want to go ahead and bead now or wait till the end.  Now to play catch up before the next part is released.
I still need to catch up on Chinese Garden and start back finishing up my Hummingbird Garden.  I need more hours in the day for all the stitching that I want to do!

Happy Stitching and Have a Great Week!


Topcho said...

Cool starts, good luck with them! And I agree, more hours are much needed! XD

Joysze said...

Great going, Liss!!! What caught my attention right off the bat was the green in the center of Herbi. My.... it's pretty!!!! Of course, I could be bias, since green's my fave color. ;)

Great start on the HAED. Looking forward to seeing more. :D

When you find those extra hours for you day, send some my way, k? ;)

Pauline said...

Two nice starts!

Karen said...

Two great starts!!! I think Ametrine is going to be GORGEOUS with this - those greens will pop on it!

If you are working in QSnaps, I like to bead the middle sections, but stop before getting too far out, so as I need to move the Qs around to get the edges, I'm clamping as few beads as possible (all the crystals go on last). Most of my Qs are old enough & sprung enough that I can gt them over the beads when I need to - just don't like to if I an avoid it :)

Esther said...

Nice starts! Looking forward to your beading.

wendy111 said...

I love the new starts! I am waiting for most of my kit for Herbie so have not started yet. I love your fabric choice.

More time would be wonderful - I have learnt to love with never being caught up (something to do with trying to do too many things and I am about to start a HAED as well!)

Xeihua said...

What a great starts for the IHSW and congratulationson starting your first HAED, but be warned, from the moment you start you'll get addicted to it.
Hope you'll enjoy it :)

ana~stitch said...

LOVE love love your new starts!!

Anne said...

We all would love more hours in the day for more stitching!! Normal house work gets in my way..arrrgh! Love love love the colours in Herbularius. I think I'm impartial to colours that remind me of peacocks! Great start on both charts Lissanne!!

Gizzimomo said...

Nice starts! I love Hold On To Hope by Selina Fenech.... I even stitched this peice myself, you can see it under the HAED finishes tab on my blog.

Good luck with her!

Yvon (jioya) said...

Great works in progress, if you can do a Garden design than you can do a HEAD for sure.

Hugs Yvon.

The Maiden said...

Yeah 2 new starts!!! That is gutsy, I love it! I am so excited to welcome you to the HAED club, it is an obsession. Great progress so far.

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

Now I am really looking forward To seeing you stitch Herbalarius, I have heard a lot about this one - great start

Heli said...

My Fairy Wishing Well is a Fenech too, there are some really beautiful works of hers at the HAED website. Good luck with your first HAED!

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, LissAnne. I totally understand your need for more hours in the day. I could use a couple of extra hours myself. Can't wait to watch your progress on both new starts. You're like me when it comes to having large projects on the go: fearless!!! Hope you're enjoying both projects!!!

Kate said...

Love the new starts!! I wanna do Herbularius too, thanks for the inspiration