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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Thread Storage

Here is my new thread storage as last weekend.  I store all my floss in Floss A Way bags.  I used to store years and years ago the floss on bobbins, which I actually still have a box and I use the thread on scrapbook stuff.  I knew I didn't want to go that route again, I just didn't like it for some reason.   I like to be able to keep my left over thread in the bags so I can just pull it out and use it instead of throwing it away like I used to.  I have four big rings that are for just the DMC and other rings have my silks for specific projects that I am working on, basically my Chatelaines.

The other day a light bulb went off over my head, grin.  I have been just tossing all the bags on the floor every night, don't worry the bags protect the thread, and they fall like one huge pom pom of color.  Any who, I thought why not use the Command hooks that are wire to hang them up??  So I bought six to put over my nightstand, cause I do cross stitch on my bed, and I can easily reach all the colors and not have Sorc trying to move all the bags to lay beside me when I am stitching.  I am sure that I am going to have to acquire more because I have more kits I want to stitch now!!

Welp. off to stitch.  Since I am now at a standstill on my Herbularius (Sidenote:  I ordered 4 more SW Ametrines for the rest of the series and I want to make sure that if this doesn't match I can start over one the extra one without much thread wasted.  SW when I called said that it may not match because all the colors seem to be more vibrant now that they started doing all the fabric dyeing in house and the outcomes are amazing, yay)  I am going to go back to Chinese.  I am going to try to also stitch on my Hummingbird this weekend.

I need to get a piece on my wall!!  I have not stitched anything so my walls have nothing on them yet.  I am now thinking of getting some of the smaller Mandalas so I can take those to work and stitch at lunch also.  I was going through some of the older Chats on the Chatelaine Forum and saw the Flower Ornaments and Frame that Ineke stitched and have to add another one to my list.  I thought that this was only to replace the Fairies on the Fairy Garden and didn't realize that this could be stitched on it's own.  I want smaller ones that I can stitch and start adorning my walls now!! 


Joysze said...

Ahaha, those make for color wall decorations as well, Liss. Nice idea!!! :D

Happy stitching this weekend, and yes, do some smalls!! :D They're great. I did MM06 awhile back and it took less than a month, but I had to stop for about 10 days in the middle waiting for silks. I bet you'd have a few of these minis done in no time at all. ;)

Pauline said...

What a very good idea!
And hahaha, it is so funny to read that you are stitching in bed!:)

Anne said...

I like your organizational skills Liss!! The floss away baggies are great and I have some, and should use them for my more current threads that I use, so maybe one day I'll get organized!! As for stitching smalls, I'm all for having a small in my rotation amongst the BAP's! It makes you feel like you've accomplished something and have something to show much sooner than the BAP's. I really like the Chatelaine freebies and they are fairly quick to whip up too. Try out Tiny Rose Mandala, Debi's Roses or the new Summer Strawberries. They are adorable!!

Topcho said...

Aww, such cute and clever idea!

mdgtjulie said...

Good luck with the fabby match. Hopefully, you can find four that match well enough to use!! And can't wait to see your CG again.