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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini Mystery 2

I have really been wanting to hang something on my walls!  I only have scrapbook pages that I have made hanging right now, no cross stitch pieces since I just started this year.  I have one finish, the Mini Mystery 1, but I was waiting on the others in the series before I had it framed so they will look alike.  I am not sure when Martina is going to do the other two in the series so I decided to go ahead and begin MM2 so I could go ahead and have them framed.  I loved the colors in the first one, and the colors in this one I like, but I am just not a big green person.  I am hoping for some different colors in the next ones, like I love medium or light pink with brown, or pink with a medium gray, or light yellow with pink, springy colors.  These are colors I do when I scrapbook.  My overall favorite is pink with light teal.  I have my favorite page with these colors hanging on the wall in my room.

I have now made an agreement not to buy any more cross stitch kits or PDFs until I finish at least five projects which would probably be the end of the year.  There are a few exceptions, lol, of how I can "acquire" my needs grin:
  • I had already planned on buying the Butterfly Garden,  and The 2012 Mystery Chat - the Sea Mystery - so these I can acquire.
  • I can acquire the rest in series I already have, as in the Seasons of the Brook, or any Mini Mysteries that Martina designs.
  • I can acquire the kits for the PDFs I already own, as long as I start them right away when I receive them.
  • No more fabric unless it is in a kit, except for my FOTM.  This means I will have to wait two months for my fabric to come, cause I have already requested a month out. 
  • DMC threads and needles are fine to acquire to finish what I am working on.
Off to make a list of what I have and to try to set up some sort of rotation to get some finishes done!!

Granted I will have to start a couple of my small projects to add to my five, so I am going to have to think hard on this.

Happy Stitching!!


Topcho said...

Pink&brown and pink&gray are one of my fave combos too, but I love these blues and greens together too!

Joysze said...

Love this, Liss. I love pinks and greens and greens and purples. YUMM!!!

ROFL at your 'exception.' ;)

mdgtjulie said...

I could never do a project challenge. My pieces are all so large, and take forever. So It's a big no no for me. I like to collect charts, sigh. I love to collect charts, lol. So I just don't bother to try and get on the stash wagon anymore. I like green, and I really like your mini. Green and purple are my fave colors, followed by pink and blue. But I hate brown, ugh. I hope you really like the rest of the minis. And here's hoping she'll get them out soon for you!!

wendy111 said...

Very nice!