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Sunday, September 18, 2011

IHSW & Herbularius

The best thing about stitching Chatelaines are watching the designs take shape.  Over the past couple of days, I would pick one color and stitch that in the center and take a picture.  I loved seeing the center of Herbularius come to life, different colors, different shapes all forming as I stitch.  There are four colors and so here are four pictures for everyone to enjoy.

It's coming along pretty well.  I have a lot to do still, but I want to at least finish Part 1 this month, and get a start on Part 2 at least.

I finally dredged up some courage and contacted SW on how upset I was with the four 1/2 yds of Ametrine lugana I ordered.  I ordered four together so they would be dyed at the same time and look similar, but that wasn't the case.  I also told them that I didn't appreciate that they had big brown patches on them that didn't match the rest of the colors on the fabric.  I haven't heard back from them, but that was a lot of money to spend and I expected them to be done right.  I knew it wouldn't be the same as what I am stitching on now, but I expected some similarities of color.

Happy stitching this week!  I am hoping to stitch more on Herbularius, cause I really need to get back to my Hummingbird soon.


Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

Oh I love the four progress pics! Beautiful, beautiful blues!

Yay, I've been waiting for someone else to post their IHSW photos, yours was definitely worth waiting for.

Such a shame about your SW Fabby, I'd keep pestering them until you get some kind of response - like you said, it's a lot of money to spend on something that isn't what you wanted :(

Pauline said...

What a beautiful blue colours!

valerie said...

Love the four's cool to see the progression with the four different colors. Good of you to complain to SW. I've heard a lot of mixed things recently. I hope they'll refund your money or send you some new ones!

wendy111 said...

Nice start Lissanne - I have done the very centre only (had to at least make a start)

Joysze said...

Aww Liss.... :( I'm so sorry to hear about the Ametrine. That sucks!! I hope they get back to you quickly and they'd better offer to send you new ones!!!

Herb looks awesome. Those blues are to die for!!

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Great progress on Herbularius, I love to see the progress with the four colours, each one makes such huge difference I love to see the difference a colour can make too :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your fabbies, I hope they answer soon and they give you some better ones :)

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Nice progress :)

missy said...

Lovely progress.

Esther said...

Wow!!! Soooo lovely!

Agi said...

The thing I also love about Chatelaine designs that eah colour added develops the pattern so beautifully! I also make pics like you to remember how I got to the present state :)

Veronica said...

Wow, I really love the colour by colour progress. It's beautiful.

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with SW. Now I'm getting worried as I recently ordered from them. I rued the day that Needleworkers Delight took over the business. SW used to be a pleasure to deal with.

Kate said...

I have never tried Chatelaines, but they do look so beautiful and your work is gorgeous and totally tempting me to give it a go.

Kathy Ellen said...

Herbularis is just beautiful! This is my first visit to your stitching blog, and I am very impressed with your gorgeous needlework. I am truly inspired!

Melissa said...

Herbularius looks great! I can't wait to see more progress pictures.

Topcho said...

It's beautiful! Such gorgeous vivid colours! It's awesome to see the whole piece taking shape too

Lonneke said...

Herbularius looks great!
Sorry to hear about your fabric troubles though.