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Monday, September 12, 2011

OH Yeah I DId!!

Hummingbird Sparkly Garden was put back on the frame yesterday!  I have to say truthfully I wasn't feeling it, but I worked on it today anyway.  I think I am just feeling so far behind on Herbularius that it is literally worrying me, but my fabric did not ship as fast as I was told, big surprise.  I finally received it today two weeks past when I was supposed to receive it.  I have one more order outstanding with some fabric for my Button Garden, and one FOTM left for my Hawaii, and then I am canceling the FOTM.  I was told the fabric is coming out better than before, but the old Ametrine is soooo much prettier than the ones I just received.  The old one doesn't match the newer ones that well, they have big brown places on them, but I just don't care.  I AM NOT going to redo the middle of Herbularius, I am going to keep on working on my old Ametrine.  It is a beautiful piece of fabric and I want to catch up.

I started on the specialty stitches on the sides and bottom.  It is looking good!!

Next up is my Chinese Garden!! Oh yeah, I was on a roll last week.  Every night I would come home and work on it.  My eyes were blurry, but I kept on until I caught up!!  South Porthole is Finished!!
Okay and here is the Spring Scene!! I don't know how people stitched this so fast.  I kept losing my place because of no grids on the PDF.  It's kind of ironic since usually I can't see where the backstitching lines are because of the gridding.  Note to self: never complain about grids on patterns again. lol.

I finally received my Lily kit, but I am going to try to not take it out of it's package until I at least finish the stitching on my Hummingbird.  We'll see how that works, but I am going to try to resist temptation!

Happy Stitching everyone!  I am going to work on Herbularius this weekend and try to finish the specialty stitches in Hummingbird. 


Adrienne said...

Your Sparkly Hummingbird is beyond beautiful!! That fabric is stunning. And the combination is breath-taking!

Rahenna said...

The hummingbird garden is beautiful! I'm sorely tempted by the companion butterfly garden... and by that lovely Chinese garden I keep seeing everywhere. :)

I hear ya on Silkweaver. I actually love their fabrics (don't have a lot of old ones to use for comparison) but the customer service is terrible. I'm willing to put up with it because their prices are good and I do like the fabrics, but it may be time to cancel my FOTM as well...

Blu said...

They both gorgeous!

Anne said...

Love the Hummingbird garden! It is so stunning. Great progress on Chinese Garden. Love those cherry blossoms :D

Andrea said...

Love your Hummie! So gorgeous!! CG is looking fantastic! I'm really looking forward to your next Herbie update :D

Tracy J said...

Very, VERY beautiful work!

Ineke said...

Beautiful stitching on both pieces! And you will really enjoy Herbularius ;o)

Pauline said...

It all looks so extremely beautiful, i am speakless!!

Mouse said...

ohhh the hummingbird is just stunning on that fabric ... and I am sorely tempted by the herbularius but the price is putting me off love mouse xxxx

Karen said...

BEAUTIFUL work on Hummingbird!!! Such a great design on your fabric!!! And Chinese is coming along well, too!!

I really wish Silkweaver wouldn't have changed - I know it's the same people doing the dying, but it's just so different now, from a customer service aspect, and the fact that you can't get jobelan in their colors now. Sorry your new Ametrine is so far off the original - if it was still the old Silkweaver, you could just e-mail them and swap out; not even worth the hassle now :( But I have no doubt you'll make it work just beautifully :)

Topcho said...

Hunnigbird is simply breath taking <3

Joysze said...

Oh maaaaaaan.... look what I missed!!!!!! This will teach me to get too busy with work. bah!!!

They look awesome, Liss..... SPECTACULARLY awesome. Hahaha, I hear ya about no grid lines on CG. I just marked up each 10th line with a number. :)

ArabicaMix said...

Your work is amazing!

I'm waiting for three 1/2 yds of different colors Belfast for my Herbularius .... from SW and I already worried.