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Friday, October 14, 2011

Herbularius Part 1

Here is my picture of my Herbularius Part 1, finally finished except for the beads. I really love the browns and the greens in this. It reminds me of green vegetables in the soil. I have yet to do the beads, but I will at some point. Hopefully I can get back to this soon, but right now I am moving back to my Chinese Garden.

 The fall colors are just starting here so I took a few pics.

See the birdie in the center?  Love it!!

Hope you have a Happy Stitching Weekend!!


CindyMae said...

Wonderfuly beautiful progress! Love the pics of the changing leaves. That is something we don't get here in West Texas so I truly love seeing everyones pics!!

Mouse said...

oooo gorgeous ... even managed to get a closer look :) and love those photos ... you sure live somewhere pretty :)wish I had that kind of view :) love mouse xxxx

Rachel said...

Herbularius is stunning! I am really loving the progress. Can't wait to see your Chinese Garden!!

What a beautiful view! The colors here are gorgeous too, unfortunately most of the leaves have already fallen off my Maple trees. I wish I would have taken some photos when we went to Vermont the other day, it was amazing driving through all the colors! :)

Anne said...

Gorgeous progress Lissanne!! I love the colours too! Your view is amazing! I wish I had a nice view like that :D

The Maiden said...

Part one is beautiful, love the fabric and look forward to your progress!

Joysze said...

Love Herb, Liss. That pink flower in the midst of all that blue is just to die for! :D

Thanks for the fall pics, I love to see the color of changing leaves. :)

Veronica said...

Gorgeous views! I love that wide open feel of where you live. Herb is beautiful. I like the contrasting pink of the flower with the surrounding blues.