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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have been quiet. I have not been feeling good lately and blogging has suffered. I hope to feel better enough later this week to post pics. I finished Part 1 of Herbularius, finally! I moved on to Chinese Garden, but I am moving slow cause I just am not feeling great. Oh, thanks to Andrea, or Andie from Stitchandie(I can't ever get the link to work on my iPad) I received my package of goodies in the mail from her blog giveaway! It was a great surprise that day, so thank you waving across the ocean with a big smile. Now, just let it be known that Andie is a bad influence wink telling me about HDF Silks after I admitted to being turned into a silk snob. Since I wasn't feeling well I had to go browse and get a few samples, so maybe it was the set, geez just to see how close the color is to DMC.

Oh, the Silkweaver Fiasco. After I emailed and wrote I wanted to return it, third attempt for satisfaction, I was left a message to return the fabric and they were dyeing another set that was lighter for me that didn't have the brown in it. I received the 2yards, no they didn't even bother to cut them for me, that are lighter. Are they pretty like the old ones? Nope, but they will do I guess. Oh, and to top it off, I was told they would mail it with my FOTM piece, which I had canceled, so I wouldn't have to pay shipping. WHAT!?! Sorry, but they pocketed my last shipping charge when they held on to my FOTM shipment for two weeks to wait and send it with my order. Oh wait, the FOTM that I just received was Magic Juice. It is blue on the site, I received a pink piece. I wrote back that they need to take pictures of everything they dye now, cause evidently they are not dyeing the correct colors and customers are going to be really unhappy. I am done with Silkweavers cause I don't want to go through this mess again. Luckily I am good for fabric for now.

Well, I really hope to put pics up later this week. Now I am going to rest, just wanted to update the happenings. Hope to be back later, cause I miss ya'll!


Heli said...

I hope you'll feel better soon! And I totally understand your decision about Silkweaver, I'd feel the same way. People need to know what they're getting when they order stuff.

Joysze said...

Holy crap on a stick Liss. That's really ridiculous about SW! I'm so sorry about Ametrine. :( Sucks to pay all that money and not have what you want even after the redye. *hugs*

Andie said...

Glad your package arrived ok :D

Sux about SW, thinking of cancelling my FotM with them too *hugs*

Your Herbie further up looks gorgeous!