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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just another day

I still can't decide on what I am going to do about Herbularius. I really don't think that I am going to have a chance on stitching it this month. It has been a crazy and very stressful one for me. I have felt sick most of this month, constantly feeling nauseous, but that is better than the last two days where I have been dizzy as crap and can't sit up. Usually for me, food can cause all this, but I can't figure out what it is. Also last week my dad, who never goes to the doctor because he is never sick, had a blood clot which they are now trying to dissolve. I am at an all time high with stress now, which for me since I have panic attacks and anxiety anyway, is not good. I have to keep trying to reassure myself that everything will be okay. I keep looking at that Lizzie Kate Boxer Kit that says "I know God won't Give me anything I can't handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so much.". That kit makes me smile every time I see it online. I am going to have to break down and buy it and put it beside my bed.

So with everything I am up in the air with Herbularius. Part of me just wants to work on Chinese Garden, try to go back to working on my Hummingbird which is sitting nicely all covered up on my stand and maybe fit it in with another Chat, like a smaller one, the Lily, or Button Garden. Nope, I don't have any buttons, I will stitch Baby Jessicas, my all time favorite stitch! I am sure that other people put aside some of their Chats for awhile, right?

I really am hoping to catch up with Chinese this month with everything going on. I had wanted to finish the fall scene this week, but I have not picked up a needle since Monday. Hopefully sometime tomorrow things will calm down enough to start stitching again.


Heli said...

Aww, I hope things get better for you soon! Stitching always helps when life gets ugly, but feeling so bad you're not able to stitch is the worst!

valerie said...

Oh Lissanne, sorry to hear about the stress and your dad. Stitching should never be stressful and if it is, you should put that project aside and stitch on something that soothes you and brings you comfort. That project you set aside in the interim will wait for you until you are ready. Enjoy your stitching...don't stress. *hugs*

Melissa said...

I hope you feel better soon! I would stitch whatever makes you happy and don't worry about not stitching on other projects. I have stopped working on pieces for months at a time :)

Karen said...

Yikes - feel better!!! Don't let it stress you out, or you'll associate that with it! Just work on what you want to work on! That's part of why I have never done a Chatelaine when they are starting online - I have too much stuff going and prefer to work at my own pace (whatever that happens to be on any given day) :)

Of course, that also explains how my WIP pile was hovering around 20-21 FOREVER 8} If I'm not careful, it'll get right back up there!

Mouse said...

((( Hugs))) hope you feel better soon and don't stress if you can't work on it .. chose something less stressful to stitch atm while things are up in the air :) take care love mouse xxxx

Kate said...

I hope things settle down and you & your dad feel better soon! Take care!

Joysze said...

Hey sweetie.... sending you lots of hugs. Hope your nausea is all better and your dad's meds is disolving the clot nicely.

Yeah, I leave my Chats too.... sometimes you just need a little break. Try and remember that they're supposed to make you feel all better and not stress you out. :) *HUGS*

jcat0629 said...

I hope you are feeling better. I hope your Dad is okay too. Gosh you DO have alot of stress right now. I know how hard anxiety can be. I have it too. When I'm feeling that stressed I stitch something simple because the act of stitching is therapeutic & the simplicity of a design doesn't get me all worked up. Take care of yourself & take time for you!