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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Update

Wow, I am back in a week like I said!!  Here are the little updates.  I actually pulled Hummingbird out and stitched two more flowers on the side borders!! I wanted to stitch more, but my head started hurting real bad and I had to stop stitching.  I think that is why I stopped stitching for so long, but maybe if I just ease back into it, and not sit all day stitching, then I won't have that problem again.  I also have pics of the middle as it stands now, not fully beaded, just to picture how beautiful it will be.

Next up is my little start on Polar Mandala.  It isn't much, but I stitched five little rows until my eyes needed a rest.  I may need to go check my eyes out before I continue stitching this small.  I think I need some new glasses.

I found something entirely new that one day I hope to maybe stitch.  It is ribbon embroidery by Di van Niekerk.  I found this and started drooling.  I finally found a store that will order anything from her website, so I am thrilled.  I have a couple of her books coming and have been considering a kit.  I believe I am not going to cross stitch anything else until my Hummingbird is finished, but as always my plans change.  Hopefully I will have finished four more flowers on Hummingbird by next week, and maybe even stitched the four little hummingbirds on the side borders.

Happy Stitching!!


Xeihua (Sara) said...

The Hummingbird Mandal is stunning congratulations... and I can't wait to see more of the Polar Bear :D

Joysze said...

Hummie looks gorgeous, Liss. Nice start on Polar too. :D Yeah... get those eyes checked so you can stitch more. ;) HAHAHAH!!!

Ooooh, love the ribbon embroidery stuff. I mustn't look too much or too closely... ;)

stitchstitchknit said...

Wow, your Hummingbirds looks wonderful =)
Nasty to hear about your headache, I hope it will get better!

Karen said...

WooHoo! Glad to see Hummingbird back out! You're going to make my kit start yelling again :) I just had to go look at the ribbon embroidery - beautiful stuff, but way out of my price range! I've got enough sunk into these Chatelaines! LOL

rosey175 said...

Your hummingbirds look beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I get them sometimes if I stitch for too long (why can't my eyes last?!).