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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Stitching Starts

So, I will start off with my stitching first.  I know that not everyone is interested in weaving, so I will save that for last.

My first stitches, probably of this whole year, lol.  I started on Mirabilia's Petal Fairy.  I wanted something that might seem a little quick, and I had this Polstitches 28ct Cashel Linen in Dusky Rose in my fabric collection.  It is a light brown with pinky splotches.  I stitched this up in two days, and that was after frogging all of one symbol because I misread it!  She is going to be so pretty!

Next up I started gridding this morning to have the fabric ready.  This is PTP Dusk 28ct Luguna.  Since I am gridding, can you guess what I am attempting to stitch?  Geez, I can't believe I am going to try this but my ma wants the Chatelaine Polar Mandala with the center over one!  Even though I loved everything else, I just didn't like the over two as much and she said that she wanted the over one center also.  I told her I could take four years to stitch it, if we live past Dec. 21 he he, and she said "I don't care." I have most of the DMC colors, which I think are in the middle, so I can at least start this on Monday when the class starts.  I believe that I am going to also switch the top and bottom windows and put the polar bears on top instead of the foxes.


So, onto weaving.  I was thinking the other day how great it would be if I could actually weave a piece and then cross stitch on it.  It is something I may try in the future.  I can just imagine using some hand dyed fabric, or hand spun, and after weaving, using that for stitching something special!

These are my three first towels that I wove on the Baby Wolf.  The draft I used came out of Weaver's Craft, April/May 2000, the Yellow Towel.  The warp was an ecru 5/2 cotton.  I used a green, yellow, and rose weft of 5/2 cotton.  I really love how they came out after I washed them.  I think the detail is so pretty when you look at them up close.  I hemmed them on my sewing machine, and though  they aren't the nicest hems, for my first try I am pretty ecstatic.

Next up is my HansenCrafts minispinner that I have never posted.  I have the Wenge, and it is beautiful.  I should be trying to spin everyday, but lately I just have not had the time.  Since I have an electric one, hopefully ma will learn to use it and she will spin, then I will use the handspun for weaving.  I know I have to practice everyday to learn, but I hope to get the hang of it soon.  It comes with some fiber already spun on it, ready for you to start spinning.

Hopefully I will have some updates on something  next week.  Maybe a start on the Chatelaine Polar Mandala.

Happy Stitching!!


Pauline said...

Great start!
and your weaving projects are interesting to!

Joysze said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!! Look at your weaving, Lissanne!! Holy crap, they're gorgeous. :D

You're going to love Petal. She's one of my favorite Miras.

Melissa said...

Great start and petal fairy! I can't wait to see your start on Polar Mandala.

I love your weaving too. The detail is amazing. Great job :)

rosey175 said...

I love your weaving! That's so cool that you're gonna try to use homespun as well!

G'luck with your one over Chatelaine!! I'd go blind, ahaha!