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Monday, July 18, 2011

IHSW Updates on Three Projects!

Woo Hoo, all three of my ongoing projects have updates!!  First is going to be my Micro Mini 2.  I know I am going so slow on it, but I carry it to work with me most of the time, there just isn't any time to take it out and work on it!  I have finished and beaded the center, maybe it will pick up in speed with the rest.  I would like to finish it because I did sign up for Micro Mini 4, love those colors!

Next up is my Chinese Garden.  Okay. I have been having the biggest problem with Japanese Sea not being dyed aqua throughout.  I ended up ordering from 123stitch, and it was worse than the one from ECC's kit.  After wanting to yank the whole thing off my scrolls, yeah I was steaming mad and still smoking, I looked down at my Hummer's yarn and what do I see but Tropical Sea from Gloriana looking back at me!! I love this color, so on it goes in replacement of the junk I received.  I foresee me substituting everything from Thread Gatherer from now on.

I have now become stuck at the backstitching.  UGH............... I can't seem to go forward on the gold backstitching and then I looked after the specialty stitches and there was a lot of black backstitching.  What!?!  I don't even think it specified the thread, I think it may be the despised EdMar.  I will have to reread it to check on the thread again.

And last but not least, my shining glory that I hope to finish by the end of next month, my Hummingbird Sparkly Garden!!  I have actually finished the top border with the flowers above the border.  Look at my little baby Hummers on each side of the flower, so cute!!  I will work my way down the sides and the bottom, then onto the thousands of beads.

I have a hankering to buy a HAED while they are on sale for 30% off.  I really want Angel of Mine and QS Frost Moon and QS Winter Wings.  I am not sure if I will actually get them since I have so many Chats I have and want to do, but at I have been looking at Angel of Mine for months, and one day I would like to work on it.

Welp, Happy Stitching this week!!  I hope to overcome my mojo block from backstitching.


Pauline said...

You did a lot of stitching this weekend!
And it is all beautiful....and NO stop talking about the Haeds sale!!
I don,t want to look!!!!
I have already 3 of i have to stop...

ana~stitch said...

Hummy looks great! I so love your fabby with this one. Did you know there are over 6, 000 beads on this one??

Vani said...

Very pretty Stitches! Love the colors!

Andie said...

Love your Hummie :D With the backstitch are you looking at the B&W chart or the colour, I discovered while doing my WWG that the B&W doesn't state the colour but the coloure chart has the bs shown in a coloured line (that matches the colour key.... did that make sense?

The Maiden said...

The baby Humming birds look amazing! I love seeing your progress on this and the fabric is amazing!

Joysze said...

Oh my, Liss!!! I'm drooling here!!! They look sooooooooo wonderful.

Can't wait to see MM01. The blues are so eyecatching.

CG is moving along wonderfully. That really, really blows about Japanese Sea. Will 123 take back the defective one and you can get your money back at least? I'm trying to remember what black BSing you're talking about...

Hummie is so gorgeous!! I can't wait to HD on you for this one. :D

Jennifer M. said...

Your projects are beautiful! The 3rd piece made my jaw drop. It is gorgeous and seeing the purple fabric made me happy. I love purple. :D I can't wait to see this one finished.

That Micro Mini sure is a mini. I don't see myself taking on a project working over one. I would need a microscope or I would go blind.

The Chinese Garden is beautiful too. SO colorful. Those are my fav designs.

Jen :)

wendy111 said...

Such lovely stitching on all your Chats - I really must get back to my hummingbird as yours is looking so gorgeous. I love the little hummers.

Persevere with Chinese Garden, it will be worth it. I think I was lucky with my Japanese Sea.

I noticed your comment on my blog and I am very good at starting Chats as well as other projects. I just want to do much more than I have time to do!

Mouse said...

wooo hoo lots of progress ... sorry to hear about the thread gatherer silk .. I've not had any problems with it before ..... have you thought about beading as you go along on you hummer which is fantastic by the way :) love mouse xxxx

Claudette497 said...

Your work is just stunning! I look forward to seeing your progress on these beautiful designs.

mdgtjulie said...

All of your projects are gorgeous, LissAnne. I love the hummers too. They're so cute stitched over one like that. And grats on your other progress too. You had a great IHSW!!! I have Winter Wings on my wish list (the bigger version, cause God forbid it not be huge, lol) and I bought Frost Moon earlier this year. They are both gorgeous.

Delphyne said...

Your projects are gorgeous! Great weekend!