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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Sorry I have been gone so long!! Right now I have no Internet except my iPad, so I can't upload any photos.

Right at the end of last year, Sorca had a mass on the bottom of his gums. He had to have surgery, luckily it was benign, but he lost his two bottom teeth. The vet also took out two other masses, one on his back and the other on his side. I have not been doing much stitching lately, I think everything has just been too much. He is finally doing better, close to normal.

I did start Sadness of an Angel HAED, all in HDF silks. I was so sad and upset when this was going on, I thought it was fitting. I did put it aside and started back on to my Hummingbird Garden. I am going to finish that before I stitch anything else.

I did pick up something else I am going to start, weaving. This came about when I thought about a prayer shawl for Sorca. I couldn't get into crochet or knitting, but came across some weaving sites and now have a loom on it's way. I had many sleepless nights with him, and from that a new direction was born!

I hope to be able to post pics soon, whenever we can fix the Internet problem.


Anne said...

I hope you can fix it soon too! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures soon though!! Sorry to hear about Sorca :(

Rachel said...

I was actually thinking about you the other day, noticing you haven't posted in awhile. I am glad you are ok, and I hope Sorca will be ok. (((Hugs)))

Joysze said...

Glad to hear that Sorca is on the road to recovery. *huuuuugs*